Green Weddings: Catering

Want to plan a savvy and sustainable wedding? Start with the food!

Did you know that the average our food travels from farm to fork is almost 1,500 miles? Consider working with a caterer that buys locally and seasonally.

When talking to your caterer, lean towards a more local and seasonal menu. Organic is great, but consider that many small and medium farms in the area grow using organic practices, but may not be able to afford the thousands of dollars it costs to be certified. Know your farmer, or at least ask that your cater does. Take into consideration that sometimes a tasting may have to be scheduled closer to the wedding considering the ingredients you’re requesting may not be available at the time you contract that caterer.

Use dishware and glassware when possible! Not only does this look more elegant, but it also reduces landfill waste.

Ask if your your caterer has recycling or composting at your event. If not, what would the extra charges be?

If your caterer is able to compost, can they provide biodegradable/compostable items for your guests?

Pro tip: If you are not composting, do not spend the extra money on biodegradable/compostable products. If it’s going to the landfill, it takes just as long to decompose as the a regular paper plate!